How to decorate wooden furniture in your house

Wooden furniture is present in many places in house, at least one family may have one or several things made of wood. Wooden furniture will bring to the house the luxury. Moreover it will also be more durable than other material. That is the reason why almost all families now prefer wooden furniture to decorate their house. Hence, you should know how to decorate your house with wooden furniture and some equivalent tips for taking care of them.
  • When you buy the wooden furniture, you have to pay attention to the all the cover of the items because wood is very easy to be scratched. The cover of the table will not be as nice as you would like if there is some scratch on the surface. Therefore, if you put your wooden furniture in your house you have to choose some open space to avoid so much movement and touching with others. In case there is some scratch, you can use the nail polish to paint into the scratch to avoid it to be worse.
  • Because of the price, many producers now will not use 100% of wood to make things, they can use other things mixing with wood to reduce the price. Some wardrobes and tables have the plastic surface. If you buy these things, you have to keep in mind that it will not be durable as the plastic cover can be moved out after some years of using.
  • Other thing you should care about is you should avoid placing your wooden furniture in the dry place to keep the color of your wooden furniture durable and to avoid being mould. Anyway, if it happens you can use the brush tooth paste to clean it. But do it softly otherwise you will make the shining cover of the wooden furniture go away.
  • About the color of the wooden furniture, there are 3 main colors for wooden furniture; they are black, brown and white. Young people like to choose white color because they think the house will look more modern with the white color. However, if you buy the white wooden furniture, you have to clean it regularly otherwise it will get dirty more quickly and easily. Always leave a soft piece of cloth for cleaning. Now, there are lots of home decoration made of bamboo, it will look more natural and ancient but of course it will not be durable.
  • If the window is made of wood, you should choose the light wood with dark color, the design of the window must help to limit the sun and rain outside coming into the house. In addition, the window can still allow good air to go in and out the house.
  • If you intend to have the wooden floor, you should choose the appropriate types of wood to make sure that the wood stick must be strong enough so the floor later will not be disturbed by outside movement. If you choose dark color then wood sticks must have the shining characteristics so your house will not be too dark.
  • If you want to have a wooden stair it will be a great idea because the wooden stair will bring to your house a luxurious and energetic feeling and impression. Wood chosen for the stair must be some kinds of wood which is naturally strong and has the high durability.
  • If you are an ancient people and respect traditional value, the wooden furniture will help you. But the disadvantage of decorating your house with wood is that it will make your house look darker. Hence, you have to hang some mirrors, decoration items to add more lighting to the house.

In case you would like to avoid all the disadvantages, but you still want to have the feeling of having wooden items you can decorate your house with some wooden things such as wooden frame for paintings, wooden boxes and so on. Last but not least, furnish yourself with a box of tools for fixing and cleaning the wooden furniture such as knifes and scissors, high quality hammer and nail, best portable table saw of PowerSawHQ and so on.



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Role of record player in music listening

The world that we are now living is the modern world, world of Internet and telecommunication devices. The market now is full of smart phone, tablet, laptop, mobile hard drive. The history of tape, radio or ancient record player no longer exists. However, many people still prefer and think of the record player as one of the most ancient memory for music listening.


It is not like nowadays when technology dominates all human being activities and people will have more chance to enjoy all the benefit and entertainment that the technology will bring. People now normally like to have smart and high price telephone and strong capacity computer. In the past, entertainment is only for sound and image. From several decades ago, the ownership of one record player or a camera was a dream of many people. And at that time only people living in rich family can have the chance to buy it.

When you see film of long time ago, you will find it very close and familiar with the image of a record player. And it became the typical signal of the life of people living in this time. In many old films, Vietnamese people will see a lot of images of record player. In the past, the record player was present in the country under the French domination duration in early of 20th century. The first record player was very simple and time over time it had been redesigned to make it more attractive.

One of the notable features of the record player compared to all modern one is its durability and the capacity to work by self-winding. People do not need to use and charge battery or electricity to it to work. Some people say that you can leave the record player for a long time of not using it, a lot of dirt may stick to it but then if you want to reuse it, just do, it will work properly. This is the feature that the modern music player nowadays can not be compared with.

Sound is another advantage of record player. The clear and good sound of music coming out from the record player is so real and attractive that no modern one can over-reach it. However, at that time not many people can be able to buy one as the living standard at this period was very low. Moreover, when you have a record player you have to buy the coal dish. But not many places will sell the music dishes. Many people have to ask their friend, family members living abroad to buy the music dishes for them. Of course, by doing that, the music listeners have to pay high cost. But still many people are ready to pay high cost for the purpose of having one record player at home.

It can be said that together with the development of society, technology is always connected to the human being. Even though it will have different level of affect to us in different time but it can not be denied that technology is playing an important role in the social development. Knowing about technology, appreciating modern products is also the way for us to keep our passion. However, we have to keep in mind that how fast the technology will develop we still have to respect all the ancient things that were used to be useful and popular in the past. Doing that, the past will not be forgotten as it will be good contributor for the next generation to maintain the development.…

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How to choose an embroidery machine

Now you want to invest an embroidery machine for your job. For experience of perennial embroidery machine producer, it is too easy but for others it is difficult. Because market has many brands and types. So how to choose an embroidery machine matching with your purpose?


An embroidery machine can be a big investment with value of some thousands dollar. So right choice when you chose a new embroidery machine maybe is different between money and benefit. Some things customer has to consider when they choose a new embroidery machine such as how to use a new embroidery machine, size of embroidery machine and you can use symbol or image which is permitted.

Some criteria you have to pay attention to choose a new embroidery machine that is easy to use. In other words, when you buy an embroidery machine you can embroider picture, scarf or word and so on immediately or you will need to do some actions and embroidery machine will support for you.

Next thing you have to pay attention to choose a new embroidery machine which has large tambour for your purpose. If an embroidery machine has a small tambour you can not embroider product which tambour is over tambour of your embroidery machine. However, for embroidery machine with large tambour is expensive and you should consider when you buy a new embroidery machine. New embroidery machine tambour with large tambour may cost few thousand dollars.

Moreover, if you choose an embroidery machine you should think you can embroider symbol or image which is permitted such as few embroidery machines can embroider some design of permitted pictures. If you want to tambour another symbol which is not permitted you should consider carefully.


You have to pay attention to model and durability of your embroidery machine which you consider to buy. You can choose many types in embroidery machine shop but you should choose embroidery machine which have high durability and nice model. Nowadays, if you are a busy man and you do not have much time so you can pick up your phone calling for the shop and they will bring embroidery machine following your request quickly. You also can go to website of embroidery machine producers choosing embroidery machine which you want to buy and they will bring for you. You can choose payment by credit card or cash depending on your choice.

You should choose a new embroidery machine which meets your purpose and solves your problem.

  •  If you are a passion man, you should find an embroidery machine which is easy to use and has a large tambour depending on your purpose, your money and your job.
  • If you can use your embroidery machine with complex project you should find new embroidery machine witch larger tambour.
  •  If you buy an embroidery machine for a family, you have to pay attention to the position you will put it. Some cases embroidery machine can be broken because it is put in wrong place.

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Decorate your working room at home

Normally, you spend most of your time in a day at work. Therefore, the working place at the office is very important to you. Moreover, sometimes you have to work at home in case the deadline for the task is coming very soon. So working room or just working table at home is also important.


Some tips below will help you in redecorating your working place at home.

  • - The layout of the working room: includes the consistency of color, equipment and ordering of things in the room. If in the bedroom you can free to decorate anything you like then in the working room it should not be like this. The simpler the working room is, the better you can focus on working. Otherwise your attention will be paid to something else rather than working. Normally, the wall color in the working room is light color such as blue, light green, white or light pink. It is up to your style. The main equipment in the working room, of course, must be working table and chair.




  • Working table and chair are very important. You have to make sure that you are most comfortable in these items.
  • Other things must be computer and stationeries for example pens, papers, notebooks and so on. You can equip yourself with a mini scanner or copier in case you need.
  • You may need a board with marker for you to brainstorm or to work in team if any in your working room.
  • - The light: natural light and electric light is the most important thing for all working room regardless where it is. It is better if you have the window in your working room. In case it can not, you have to pay attention to the light system in the room. There should be the ceiling light which can provide enough light for the whole room. In addition, you can put a desk lamp besides your computer in case you need more light in the evening or at night. Enough light will strengthen your eyes and metal mood to focus on working.

– You can decorate your working room with other decoration stuffs. There may be some tree decorations, some nice pictures and whatever you want. You are at home so you will not be limited yourself on that.

Hope these tips will work on you!


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Decorate apartment in high building (Part 2)

Living in the apartment in high building has become very popular today. People who do not have a large budget think that buying an apartment in the high building is the only choice for them. They also think that their apartment can not be as beautiful as others because cheap apartment is usually small. Some even do not want to decorate anything in their apartment. They just buy necessary things for daily life. Some even wish everyday to change to another bigger house. However, if they know how to decorate their apartment, their thinking will turn out to be wrong.

For the small apartment, the area and the height of the room will be limited so you should know how to make the view of the room larger and more open. The following tips will help you to deal with your problems.

  1. Color of the wall

You have to pay attention to the color of the ceiling and the wall. The color of the ceiling and the wall must match with each other. To make the room look higher you have to paint the ceiling and the wall with light color such as light green, yellow and brown.

You can apply the same color for all rooms but it depends on your style. Each room can have its own color but keep in mind the principle that you are allowed to use only light colors.

  1. Lights of the apartment

Your apartment will be furnished with a system of lights. There are many kinds of lights in your apartments such as ceiling lights, wall lights and desk lamps. However, the principle is that you have to use small lights but enough lighting for the room and as few decoration items as possible, otherwise your tiny apartment will become messy.

  1. Equipment

With the small space you should use multi functional equipment to save space, for instance, table with many functions can be guest invitation table and can be used as eating table. You can make use of the chairs in your house. You do not need to separate chairs for sitting in the living room, chairs for eating or chairs for working. You can use one chain of chairs for all purposes. You save money and save space also.

Now there are a lot of modern and easy to re-structured table and chair which can save much space for your apartment. Or you can yourself invent your own items by asking help form the designer.

  1. The size of the bed and wardrobe

You have to make sure that the size of the bed and the wardrobe is balanced, it should not be bigger or smaller compared with the low ceiling. Do not try to buy too big or too high bed and wardrobe.

  1. Do not separate too many rooms by wall and door

The solution for the narrow space is you have to make use of all your equipment. Meaning you have to make your equipment to provide you other functions besides its main purpose. You can use your wardrobe as the separating wall between two rooms. In some case, between the kitchen and the living room, you do not need to use anything to separate them, just let them open to each other.

  1. Decoration inside your apartment

Once more, you should not decorate your tiny apartment with too many decoration items. Just try to choose what are the best for your apartment and keep it. If you decorate with many items it will make your department smaller and smaller.

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Decorate apartment in high building (Part 1)

Nowadays, it is a tendency that young couple prefers living in the apartment in the high building rather than in the separate house. There are hundreds of reasons making their choice. However, among many others, they are: living in the apartment will provide owners modern and sky view from the house if you live in the high floor. So you can enjoy the fresh and unpolluted air, you can avoid any kinds of insects coming into your house also. In addition, the apartment is very convenient as you do not have to take care of your garage, being stolen as all these services will be provided by the high building owner.

So what is the question with you is you have to know how to decorate your apartment of the high building.

One thing is that decorating the apartment is much easier than the normal house because every room will be in one flat background. You should pay attention to the following tips for decorating your apartment.

  1. Make your apartment a focus

Apartment has different sizes but most of them are not too large. However, regardless of how big your apartment will be, you should make your house a good impression by others when walking into your house. By doing that you will make your house emphasized through which the typical feature of your house will be increased. The first scene you can see when walking into the house is the living room. So you just choose which space is the most open and most eye-catching in the living room to make your apartment different. You can put a big size of television, hang a big painting or place colorful or outstanding sofa. Or you can furnish your living room with a cozy eating table near the living room.

  1. Consistency in equipment and decoration items

From the living room, bedroom, kitchen to the bathroom, stair, balcony, there should be a unified matching about color and decoration style. These things will support each other and make your apartment more special, typical and attractive.

Therefore, before designing the equipment and deciding to buy any decoration items, you have to identify clearly the theme, decoration style and leading color for your apartment for the creation of harmonized scenery.

  1. Order of the equipment and decoration items in the apartment

You should image how to place all your equipment and decoration items in the layout of your apartment before you choose the equipment. The balanced view of the apartment will highly depend on how harmonized in your structuring of items. You have to base on the size, height and weight of the items to decide where you should put them. You have to pay attention to the distance among them. You should not buy a too big equipment to put in a small apartment or in contrast you furnish tiny things in large room.

  1. To avoid repeated structure and style for all rooms

You should not repeat the structure and style of all rooms in your apartment. Try to be creative on that. Make each room in your apartment its own style. If it is too difficult you can try to adjust some decoration items to make it look different.

  1. To ensure the overall view of the house

You are creative in decorating your house. But you should control your interest because in some case you are so insisted on, for example using a lot of strong colors for all the rooms you will make your room messy and no longer emphasized but too complicated.…

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